Business, Life, and Relationship Coaching 

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In addition to being a Reiki practitioner, Joyce is also an experienced Coach.

If you're an entrepreneur wanting a sounding board for your ideas, or someone to help keep you on-track and be better with follow-through, then coaching with Joyce might be just what you need.

If you feel like you're stuck in a rut, or constantly too busy and stressed out or not taking care of yourself, then try coaching with Joyce.

If you're feeling the tug to do something different with your life, and want to discover what that "something different" is, along with a concrete plan to achieve it, contact Joyce.

If you're in the midst of a setback and need a guide to help you sort through it all, then give Joyce a call.

Whatever we're in the middle of, it is oftentimes difficult to get beyond our own emotions and story to see the "bigger picture" and the options and possibilities that are available to us. Having a coach helps us see things more clearly and objectively. Coaching catalyzes people to strengthen themselves from the inside out and build the "muscle" of achievement. Coaching transforms a person's relationship with themself and with others.

It's never too late to have a wonderful life!

Call Joyce for a complimentary 30 minute telephone coaching session.


For more information about Joyce Leonard Coaching, visit her coaching website at: 831-421-1877 ©2008-2021 Santa Cruz Reiki Works