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Reiki for Animals


Animals seem to be much more attuned to energy than humans. One common example is that they tend to sense an earthquake before it happens. Reiki, therefore, is highly effective on animals - both our pets and those in the wild.

Animals can benefit from a Reiki treatment if they are sick, seem lethargic or depressed, recently came from a shelter or from boarding, are exhibiting undesirable behaviors, or have experienced trauma in their lives. It is important to contact your veterinarian in addition to seeking Reiki treatments, as Reiki is a complimentary healing method.

The premise that Joyce works from (and that ALL Animal Reiki Practitioners should work from) is that the animals are equal partners with us during their treatments. For example, an animal may run away from Reiki the first time he encounters it, and that is okay. The next day, the animal might be more agreeable. Or the animal might not want a hands-on-treatment, so Joyce sits a few feet away from him and offers Reiki. Also, the animal determines the length of the treatment. Sometimes he has received all he needs to receive in 10 minutes, other times he may want it for 50 minutes.

Joyce's main experience with Animal Reiki is in fostering 125 orphaned, underaged, and often undersocialized kittens. Joyce has seen the impact Reiki has had on these kittens: clearing up digestive problems and colds in shorter amounts of time, turning around feral kittens in a just a few days, and easing the transition of moving into a new environment.

This just doesn't happen with little kittens. Reiki helps dogs, horses - all mammals (wild and pets), reptiles, birds, fish, and even insects.

Reiki is also instrumental when an animal is passing. Reiki helps relax the animal, easing his transition.

So if an animal in your life is not feeling well, acting themselves, has had trauma (physical or emotional), or is transitioning, contact Joyce for more information about Reiki treatments or Click here for more information about Joyce's Services and Rates.

If you are an animal foster parent, or volunteer or work at an animal shelter or sanctuary, contact Joyce to set up training in your organization and for the community (Joyce will donate part of the training fees directly to the animal organization).

Joyce abides by the Animal Reiki Practitioners Code of Ethics, developed by Kathleen Prasad, founder and director of the renowned Animal Reiki Source.


Animal Reiki Code of Ethics Guiding Principles:

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If you'd like more information about how Reiki can help an animal in your life, just email Joyce at or call her on 831-421-1877 831-421-1877 ©2008-2021 Santa Cruz Reiki Works