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What People Are Saying about Joyce Leonard

“Nobody cares how much you know

until they know how much you care.” 

Teddy Roosevelt


“I went to Joyce for a Reiki session. It was amazing. I felt very floaty and tingly during the session. After our session I felt amazing. I also took Reiki level one classes with her and really enjoyed the training. I love that I can incorporate this practice into my life now that I have the skills. I look forward to taking level 2 from her in the near future.”

“I really enjoyed my first Reiki session with Joyce. Her warm energy made me feel comfortable right away. We spent the beginning talking about the areas I wanted to work on, and she started the treatment with guided relaxation. At the end, I felt peaceful, like waking from a deep sleep and my head still feels nice and clear. I'm looking forward to learning more about Reiki, thanks to a great first experience.”

“I had never had reiki before and my session with Joyce was nothing less than magical.  She has a calming presence and a healing touch that left me feeling deeply calm and rejuvenated.  I am someone who can have a hard time relaxing but, almost immediately, I felt comfortable and nurtured in Joyce's care.  I also really appreciate that Joyce is a wonderful balance of grounded (in that she isn't "woo-woo" and has a good head on her shoulders) and spiritual (in that reiki practice is a way of life for her and well integrated into her own values).  I will definitely be recommending Joyce Leonard to my friends, both to those who have had a lot of reiki before and those who are curious about giving it a try.”

“My first experience with Reiki was with Joyce. During my session, I felt a tingling/chill run through my body a few times. I had never experienced anything like that before, so I knew something was really happening! After my session, my husband said I was glowing, looked relaxed, but at the same time my face looked like a lot had happened. I felt really amazing and calm.
Joyce is extremely kind and caring.  I'm a true believer now in Reiki and Joyce's personality is what really sets her apart. I will definitely be back and my husband is signed up for a session now too.”

“I had never had a full reiki treatment before so I didn't really know what to expect.  Her studio is tucked away in a cozy residential area of Ben Lomond and has quite a peaceful aura when you walk inside. And...Joyce is one of those rare, warm and lovely people who make you comfortable from the moment you meet them, so I immediately felt at ease discussing what had brought me there and what I was hoping to gain from my sessions. She explained that she operates a little differently from many reiki practitioners, in that she lets her intuition (and therefore her client) be her guide in determining what you need, not just telling you what she thinks you need, which seemed very logical. After we chatted at length and I was resting on her table, she was able to guide me with her words so I could try to relax and get the most benefit from her healing energy work. After we finished I felt so calm (although a bit light headed) but I loved it and can't wait to go back. It was perfect from the moment I arrived to the moment I left.”

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